I have long used `postman` and, on the Mac, `Paw.app` to test REST calls. But today a co-worker turned me on to the VSCode extension "REST Client". I use VSCode anyway, and this client is awesome. Plus, I can get rid of some extraneous tools then. But holy mackerel it is awesome.


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To stave off boredeom and productive work, I've downloaded, installed and played with 9front... a fork of Plan 9. Now I'm downloading OpenIndiana, a community-driven version of OpenSolaris. Why? Because they're there.

Uh... It's working. I don't know why. I can't seem to affect the position of the image. But its working.

Doing a simple css hover background image swap on Safari works when served locally by jekyll. Deploy it and... nope. Wasted hours on this so far. 😡

Ah. Its a safari thing. It works in Firefox and Chrome. And it works in Safari when served locally. But not in Safari when served over the 'net. I have two of those issues now. Fine. Just fine. 😑

I hate when stuff served locally by jekyll works and when served by the actual web host it does not work. 😞

Now that I might be working from home full-time again, I'm trying to decide whether to drill a hole between the two floors of my house and run an ethernet cable from the router down below to my office upstairs where the thunderbolt hub attached to my MacBook Pro resides? I've been doing OK with WiFi, but you can never have too fast of a network, right?

Behold the power of this fully operational computer technology from 1980!

That’s a whole 3.5k of RAM available! That’s “k”… with a “k”.

Well, I spent the day fiddling with mastodon on geekstream.org (this site) and mccuneware.com. Its slowly taking shape.


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