The Chicago drinking game: Every time you hear a shot, take a shot.

Happy Thanksgiving ITM! Today... eat turkey, sing real loud, don't wear a mask and give the governors the finger!

I just got a "Public Safety Alert" on my iPhone warning me about rising COVID rates in PA and hospitals filling up and that I should be staying home and masking up!

I have never found an alert setting in my phone and turned it off so fast. No more of that BS.

These are hysterical, especially the one from Phillip Michaels: "This Senate hearing looks like the tale of a marooned lighthouse keeper and the robot butler he built to stave off loneliness."

Today I received an online message in a health app from a doctor's office: "I apologize for the incontinence." Well... yes... I guess that does qualify as an __inconvenience__. 😏

I recently observed that eventually the @ssholes would get around to deplatforming via web hosts and DNS hosts. Well, here it is. This is why my blogs are static sites generated by jekyll. Fast... and don't require anything but a webserver to serve... unlike Wordpress, which as a canceller of bad-think, should be be cancelled by all of us.

"And I have it on good advice that Jeffrey Toobin was also going to be on the [COVID-19 advisory] committee, but they yanked him at the last minute."

All that said, let us proceed with the assumption that fake Catholic, Joe Biden, does prevail. What can the Church expect? All the pro-life gains of the past three years will be eviscerated. The Little Sisters of the Poor, EWTN, and a host of other faith-based groups will be back in court, doing a rear-guard action to defend their religious liberty—and ours.

Screw the election. I bought a Christmas tree! 🎄

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