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I will happily say that I oppose, as hard and as far as they want to take it, these ideologically possessed morons chanting, "No borders, no walls, no USA at all."

Trump team: we want every legal vote counted
Biden team: we want every vote counted

Distinction between these two approaches is interesting. #Biden #Trump

Full-List of bots:

The common core math people are working overtime now! I can see the questions on the exam: If State A has this many electoral votes for Orange Man Bad and State B has that many electoral votes for Demented Joe, how big is your screaming and crying temper tantrum going to be?

Well, off to do some necessary running around and then pick up a no-carb pizza and come back to watch one side or the other melt down. Or... if we're *really* lucky... watch both sides melt down in fits of sputtering, incoherent outrage!

I'm unhappy with the quality of the embedded mastodon widget on my blog. I need to find something better... or make something... in my copious free time... of which I have none.

The Amish are out for a last minute push. Characteristically aggressive.

This makes sense to me.

Group text messages. Not a fan. Not at all.

My vote has been cast and may God have mercy on my soul.

I hope everyone has a “mostly peaceful“ election day!

Well, I am off to irritate people at the voting place and cast my vote for the scumbag of my choice. Just assume I’m voting for whoever will make your head explode. I find maximizing my head explosion count as one of the most enjoyable aspects of election season.

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