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Fauci now concedes that there's no data to show "double-masking" is effective. He's changed his opinion on so many things so many times... why does anybody believe anything he says anymore?

This is only a test.

Ignore it. Do not let it trouble you.

Just pretend its not here.

Reminder: I am simultaneously both serious in everything I say... and being snarky, smirking and laughing. It is a very healthy way to live.

So now redirects to So I guess antifa is admitting that they are the Democrats' brownshirts and all the violence they commit is in the name of the Democrats, eh?

I hope the mainstream media has their kneepads on... because they're going to be enthusiastically on their knees in front of Biden for the next four years.

A Prayer For The Nation And The President (Part 3)

I pray that the nation is kept safe to continue having the freedom of speech (and thought), religion, self defense and the right to keep and bear arms. I also pray that the citizens of this nation will use any and all of those freedoms to ensure that they keep those freedoms.

I pray in thanksgiving for all the times this president and his socialist party will give me to point and laugh at them.

Amen… and… just Amen

A Prayer For The Nation And The President (Part 2)

I pray that the nation is kept safe from his policies as they will lead to socialism, a moribund economy, misery and a loss of freedom.

I pray that the nation is kept safe from the wars this president and his party will try to get this nation embroiled in.

A Prayer For The Nation And The President (Part 1)

I pray that the new president experiences a deep conversion to his claimed Catholic faith and lives his life according to those beliefs, such as giving up his support for abortion as just one example.

I pray that the president is kept safe from those who might wish to harm him: Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, and so forth.

I pray that tonight the president still remembers that he is the president.

How quickly do we enter a new military conflict with the Biden Harris administration?

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