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The CDC has issued a reminder...

That just because people get the vaccine, that doesn't mean they should go outside, experience human interaction, or have any kind of joy or happiness in their lives ever again.

Beware. Development In Progress...

I'm going to be doing some development on my blog. You won't see anything except some odd pictures, videos and maybe some re-blogs showing up here in my toot-stream. Just ignore them.

This map would be taken off Twitter in a heartbeat if you point out that the areas in green have a much lower death rate that the leader (we're number one) USA.

The only African country with a bad death rate is South Africa. Oh look!

Fauci now concedes that there's no data to show "double-masking" is effective. He's changed his opinion on so many things so many times... why does anybody believe anything he says anymore?

This is only a test.

Ignore it. Do not let it trouble you.

Just pretend its not here.

Reminder: I am simultaneously both serious in everything I say... and being snarky, smirking and laughing. It is a very healthy way to live.

So now redirects to So I guess antifa is admitting that they are the Democrats' brownshirts and all the violence they commit is in the name of the Democrats, eh?

I hope the mainstream media has their kneepads on... because they're going to be enthusiastically on their knees in front of Biden for the next four years.

A Prayer For The Nation And The President (Part 3)

I pray that the nation is kept safe to continue having the freedom of speech (and thought), religion, self defense and the right to keep and bear arms. I also pray that the citizens of this nation will use any and all of those freedoms to ensure that they keep those freedoms.

I pray in thanksgiving for all the times this president and his socialist party will give me to point and laugh at them.

Amen… and… just Amen

A Prayer For The Nation And The President (Part 2)

I pray that the nation is kept safe from his policies as they will lead to socialism, a moribund economy, misery and a loss of freedom.

I pray that the nation is kept safe from the wars this president and his party will try to get this nation embroiled in.

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