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Kids in cages. Brought to you by Obama, ended by Trump, brought back and perfected by Biden.

"Tried in secret". He must promise to "not pastor anymore" in order to be released. Canada... trying to get admiring glances from North Korea and China.

Good News, Comrades In Academia!

"he Biden administration is marbled with Chinese Communist sympathizers... that extend to the president’s household and possibly the president himself."

"President Joe Biden’s administration stealthily eliminated a Trump-era proposal mandating that educational institutions in the U.S. disclose their relationship with the Confucius Institute"

"Initially, I was excited. After Communism, we didn’t really have a good enemy. No one thought them Islamic terrorists were going to actually take over the world. Communists are a real enemy -- worthy of America -- but then all my hopes were dashed when I took a good look at these new Commies.

They suck."

'It should amuse everyone that people completely unfamiliar with the scientific method and science in general are the ones most likely to promote memes of “follow the science” and “believe in science.”

First of all, science in not a faith to believe in and these same people have no idea how to “follow the science.” '

The CDC has issued a reminder...

That just because people get the vaccine, that doesn't mean they should go outside, experience human interaction, or have any kind of joy or happiness in their lives ever again.

Beware. Development In Progress...

I'm going to be doing some development on my blog. You won't see anything except some odd pictures, videos and maybe some re-blogs showing up here in my toot-stream. Just ignore them.

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