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It's not often in June in western Pennsylvania that I can go for a two hour walk from 6 PM to 8 PM and close all my rings in 67° weather, while listening to Grumpy Old Bens. It was nice. It was a little humid. But that's because it rained all day yesterday and last night. And today. But it was beautiful tonight.

When asked if I'm "celebrating pride month", I say no... I don't celebrate any of the seven deadly sins, including pride.

To those who served and lost their lives and to those who served with them... I sincerely thank you... and I remember.

Lord forgive me. Today I typed this into the terminal on my Mac.

"brew install gnu-cobol"

And then I compiled a cobol program. I'm feel so dirty.

I used to get discouraged about the direction our society and government are going (politics is downstream from culture). But I have finally decided to sit back, point and laugh at the people tearing civilization apart. Barring a miracle, the occurrence of which I don't discount, there's nothing to do but relax and watch the end of liberty and civilization. It won't get better until it hits bottom and the people tearing it apart have destroyed themselves.

Watch update in real time with podping watcher

Annoyingly, the system has been down. But it's back. It goes kablooey every time the "Let's Encrypt" cert changes. I guess I have to dig into that.

Biden's kids in cages. A facility that can hold 250 during the pandemic is currently filled to 1500% of capacity with 4000. The covid rate among the kids is 10%. There's no social distancing here. What do you expect? This policy was implemented originally by the Obama-Biden administration.

Biden (thinking): Gonna 25th Amendement me, are you? Here's a steaming pile of crap I created for you to end your political career on...

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